Feeling Coronavirus Fatigue? Learn How to Beat the Burnout

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It’s been nearly a year now since social distancing became part of our lives. In the months in between, the new realities of life in New York have been challenging, causing many of us to experience emotional exhaustion. If you think you might be feeling coronavirus fatigue, find out how to overcome this all-too-common mental health issue.

Recognizing Coronavirus Fatigue

Coronavirus fatigue is not always easy to recognize. Its symptoms are often subtle and accumulate slowly over time until they become disruptive to a person’s lifestyle.

Common Symptoms

  • Lack of motivation
  • Physical exhaustion
  • An irritable mood
  • Disconnecting from friends or family
  • Experience less pleasure in activities you typically enjoy

This type of emotional fatigue can have both mental and physical health consequences if left unaddressed.

Don't fall to coronavirus fatigue

Overcoming Emotional Exhaustion During COVID-19

Just like washing hands and wearing masks, developing strategies to cope with coronavirus fatigue is an essential part of taking care of your physical and mental health today.


Exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself in stressful times. Physical activity releases endorphins that elevate your mood.

3 Physical Activities to Try

The next time you are feeling angry or frustrated, try exercising. You are almost guaranteed to feel better afterward.

Coronavirus fatigue is very common today!

Stay Connected

Even though we are all socializing less in person, it’s important to maintain lines of communication with family and friends. Personal relationships often have a big influence on your mental wellness.

Whether you are talking on the phone or chatting on a video stream, staying connected with friends and family can boost happiness, reduce stress and increase your sense of belonging.

Focus on the Positives
In challenging times, like the ones we are now in, a little dose of positivity can go a long way. A positive outlook can help to improve the common symptoms of coronavirus fatigue, such as finding less pleasure in activities you normally enjoy. Over time, a positive attitude can also help you feel better both mentally and physically.

Practice Meditation

Another smart strategy for dealing with stress is practicing meditation techniques, like relaxation breathing, mindful breathing and activity-oriented meditation. These three free and easy-to-do meditation exercises can calm your body and ease your mind, providing a boost to your mental and physical health.

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