National Health Center Week: Lighting the Way to Healthy Living

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For more than 50 years, American health centers have been bringing light to the health needs of local neighborhoods through a unique model of care focused on assisting the most vulnerable individuals in the community. Every August, Advantage Care joins nearly 14,000 other health centers across the country to celebrate National Health Center Week. During this week of remembrance, we urge everyone to light a candle for those community health leaders and patients we have lost.

Community Health Care Heroes Honored

When coronavirus swept the country this spring, the nation’s health centers were there to provide affordable care to all.

“As soon as the COVID virus was identified in the U.S. our health centers moved quickly to offer telehealth and to set up thousands of testing sites across the country—both stationary and mobile, while putting their own lives on the line,” said Tom Van Coverden, President and CEO of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). “Their efforts have been critical to keeping non-emergency cases out of our already overburdened hospitals.”

National Health Center Week 2020

National Health Center Week, which runs from August 9 through August 15, is a week of recognition that raises awareness of the missions and accomplishments of American health centers over the past 50 years. Each of the seven days has a different focus, including Staff Appreciation Day, Children’s Health Day and Patient Appreciation Day.

Community health centers, like Advantage Care, serve as a beacon of strength, services and care in local neighborhoods across the country. When times are tough, local health centers are a place where you can go to receive assistance and support services. When you are feeling happy and healthy, health care professionals are there to help provide a vision for the future.

Our employees celebrate National Health Center Week

America’s Health Centers: 5 Decades of Serving Local Communities

For more than half a century, health centers have delivered affordable, accessible, quality, and value-based health care services to millions of people regardless of their ability to pay. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, community health centers provided preventive and primary care in innovative ways, like tele-health services. Collectively, health centers are now the largest primary care system in the United States.

Fast Facts about Community Health Centers

  • Nearly 30 million Americans use a health center for medical care
  • Health centers serve one in 11 individuals in the country
  • One-third of all people living in poverty are health center patients
  • Two-thirds of these patients are members of racial and ethnic minorities

Honor National Health Center Week with Advantage Care

Whether you live in Freeport or Brookville, your community health center is a convenient and affordable resource for health services, including pediatrics and dental care. If you would like help with living healthier, contact us today to request an appointment during Health Center Week.

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