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Even though a doctor’s visit might not be your idea of a good time, there’s no reason a trip to the community health center should be painful. The professionals on staff there specialize in building good doctor patient relationships that will help make you happier and healthier.

Why is the Doctor Patient Relationship Important?

The doctor patient relationship plays a critical role in your medical treatment. It can influence everything from the frequency of your doctor’s visits to your self-care habits. Ultimately, how well you get along with your doctor could even impact your overall wellness.

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What makes a Good Doctor?

Of course, a doctor’s experience and credentials matter, but it’s often their personal characteristics that leave a lasting impression.

Although every doctor is different, the best ones share certain similarities. They have endearing qualities, like trust and honesty, which help create a warm atmosphere for patients.

1)      Trust

According to the American Medical Association’s code of ethics, “The relationship between a patient and a physician is based on trust, which gives rise to physicians’ ethical responsibility to place patients’ welfare above the physician’s own self-interest.”

Since you place your health in the hands of your doctor, it’s beneficial to develop a trusting relationship with that physician. As a patient, you will need to be able to trust that what your doctor is telling you is true in order to follow their recommendations.

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2)      Honesty

For the doctor patient relationship to really work, both of you must be honest with each other. You must be able to fully reveal the details of your medical history. And, in turn, your doctor must behave honestly and ethically when treating you.

By working together with your doctor, you will be able to more easily reach your wellness goals.

3)      Good Rapport

In many instances, a good bedside manner is as important as strong credentials. You should look for a physician who takes the time to ask questions and explain things thoroughly.

Good two-way communication is the backbone of any strong doctor patient relationship. For example, a warm greeting from a doctor immediately makes you feel more at ease. Then, it can become easier to share the details of any medical issues you may be having.

If you develop a strong rapport with your physician, you may also become more willing to follow the doctor’s orders or schedule a follow-up appointment.

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4)      Respect for Patients’ Wishes

Respect is another cornerstone of any working relationship. A good doctor will always have respect for your wishes. Whether it’s a personal concern or a religious issue, you will benefit from working with medical professionals who know their boundaries.

For example, your community health center should have informed consent protocol in place that will ask for your permission when conducting medical procedures or disclosing personal information.

Is your Doctor Right for you?

It’s important for every patient to have a doctor they feel comfortable with. If you can’t trust or talk to your physician, it might be time to find someone else.

Advantage Care Health Centers specializes in delivering comprehensive medical, dental and mental/behavioral health services to children and adults. Our team of compassionate health care professionals provides a personalized experience in a friendly, inviting and safe environment.

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