Dr. Ronald Schenendorf

Dr. Ronald Schenendorf


Mental/Behavioral Health Care

Start Date: April 6th, 2015

“To be part of a team that helps these individuals lead an enviable life brings me great satisfaction.”

Dr. Schenendorf has over 30 years’ experience in practicing general adult psychiatry, including psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. In addition to being in private practice since 1980, he was the Assistant Medical Director and Director of Mental Health at ACLD for the past 17 years, devoting his expertise to the psychiatric care of the developmentally disabled at ACLD. 

Dr. Schenendorf has been active in advancing the education of both professional medical and direct-service staff working with the developmentally disabled population.  He has presented numerous lectures within a variety of hospitals on the care of the DD patient within a general hospital setting.  He is a popular presenter at conferences, retreats and residential manager meetings. Many of the topics included: “Sleep: It’s Importance and Disturbances,” “Psychiatric Evaluation of a DD Individual for Medication,” “Multi-Modal Assessment of Individuals with DD,” “Developmental Issues in Individuals with DD,” “Understanding Borderline-Like Symptoms in Individuals with DD,” “Medication Management of Individuals with DD,” and “Anxiety in Individuals with DD.”  He is proficient in the use of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and is working on ways to incorporate this useful technique into his work with patients, as well as ways to assist the staff in managing the stress related to their work with the DD population. 

Dr. Schenendorf was the Medical Director for the Oceanside Counseling Center for Drugs and Alcohol, Supervising Psychiatrist at Hillside Hospital, and Consulting Psychiatrist for Helen Keller National Center in Sands Point.  He has been the Psychiatrist on staff at South East Nassau Guidance Center – Seaford, Woodmere Counseling Center, and Pride of Judea Mental Health Clinic – Douglaston.

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