3 Reasons to Rely on a Community Health Center for Help

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It isn’t always easy to find the right place to fulfill your health care needs. Long Islanders often find themselves forced to choose between big hospitals or urgent care storefronts. But, there is a better alternative for everyday medical treatment. Local community health centers have provided affordable, comprehensive health care services since 1965.

What is a Community Health Center?

Community health centers are the primary medical service provider for more than 27 million Americans. They are community-based and patient-directed non-profit organizations that serve people in the community who have limited access to health care. Today, there are more than 1,400 of these government-funded health centers nationwide.

What makes a Community Health Center Different?

1)      Affordable Services

Community health centers offer a wide range of medical services at a rate that is more affordable than most other options.

For example, the average cost of a health center visit is less than one-sixth of the average cost of a trip to the emergency room. Like all of these facilities, Advantage Care offers a sliding fee scale to local residents who do not have the ability to pay.

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2)      Comprehensive Health Care

Another reason millions rely on local health centers is that they offer comprehensive medical care that can treat the whole person rather than just one ailment. From initial screenings to managing chronic illnesses, community health centers give you a wide range of treatment options.

For example, Advantage Care specializes in primary/preventive care services, dental care and mental/behavioral health to both children and adults. Patients may choose one or all of these services, depending on their needs.

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3)      Improved Access

For underprivileged Long Islanders, access to health care services is a serious obstacle. Located in Brookville and Freeport, Advantage Care is committed to serving those who might otherwise be excluded from the health care system.

Government-funded health centers offer many empowering services, such as transportation, translation, case management and health education. A commitment to improved access ensures that patients are not denied health care services they require.

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A community health center is a welcoming place anyone can turn to for help. Whether you need a simple check-up or something more serious, you will be glad you are part of the Advantage Care family.

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