At Advantage Care Health Centers, your journey towards optimal health is supported by transparent communication and access to your medical records. When you visit us for an appointment, your provider diligently records the details of your consultation in your electronic medical record, known as a ‘visit note’ or ‘office note’. This comprehensive record encompasses the information you shared during your visit, along with your provider’s expert insights into diagnosis and treatment.

Now, with the Patient Portal, you have the convenience of accessing these crucial notes anytime, anywhere.

Research indicates that patients often recall less than half of the information discussed during their appointments. By sharing notes with you, we empower you to stay informed and engaged in your healthcare journey. Reviewing your visit notes ensures you remain well-informed and aligned with your care plan, fostering a collaborative relationship between you and your healthcare team.

Patients who engage with their notes:

  • Retain their care plan more effectively
  • Exhibit improved self-care practices
  • Adhere more closely to prescribed medications
  • Experience a sense of empowerment in managing their health
  • Enhance their understanding of medical conditions

To make the most of your visit notes, consider these suggestions:

  • Review the notes post-visit to refresh your memory on discussions and treatment plans, including any medication changes, testing recommendations, upcoming appointments, or referrals.
  • Periodically revisit your notes to ensure you’re following through on recommended follow-up care.
  • Share your notes with trusted caregivers or family members to enhance support in executing your care plan.
  • Prepare for your next visit by reviewing your notes beforehand and identifying any new concerns or developments since your last appointment.

Which notes can you access?

Advantage Care Health Centers patients can access notes from most all visit types. Please note that patients aged 13-17 may not have access due to privacy regulations.

When can you view your notes?

Your visit notes will be available in the Patient Portal once your provider has completed them.

How to find your notes:

  • Log in to the Patient Portal via your web browser.
  • Navigate to the “Medical Records” tab and select “Visit Summary”.
  • Choose the relevant visit and click on “Notes” in the toolbar. Please note that notes from visits after July 1, 2017, will be visible.

Concerned about understanding your notes?

Your provider’s notes are intended for medical management and may contain technical terminology. If you encounter unfamiliar terms or abbreviations, consult resources like the Medical Dictionary – Common Abbreviations or Medline Plus to enhance your understanding.

Privacy and security:

Rest assured, your medical information is accessible only to those involved in your care, who adhere to strict confidentiality protocols. To safeguard your privacy, maintain the confidentiality of your login credentials and log out after each session.


Need to report an error or request a modification?

Contact Advantage Care Health Centers phone at 516-686-4400.

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