5 Dental Hygiene Tips Specifically for Older Adults

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Did you know that health issues, like diabetes, can complicate or exacerbate oral health issues in older adults? If you are 55 or older, it’s time to become vigilant about oral care. Get started protecting your pearly whites today by practicing our dental hygiene tips for older adults.

1)     Regular Brushing and Flossing

Dental care tends to require extra diligence as we age. Following a regular brushing and flossing routine is a solid first step.

Aim to brush at least twice a day for at least two minutes. Regular brushing mechanically removes harmful plaque and bacteria. Be sure to floss regularly in tough to reach areas. Flossing can reach places in your mouth where your toothbrush cannot.

2)     A Nutritious Diet Maintains Healthy Teeth

Healthy eating habits are essential to your oral health. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and grains will benefit not only your body but your teeth as well. Foods rich in fiber help your body produce extra saliva, allowing you to break down food faster. Green tea also provides powerful antioxidants that can help prevent dental problems.

“Candy is bad for your teeth” is one of the oldest dental hygiene tips that you have probably heard since childhood. This fundamental piece of oral health advice is especially true as you age. Watch out for sugary candies, especially the ones that tend to stick to your teeth. If you do indulge, consider rinsing with water and then brushing.

dental hygiene tips specifically for older adults

3)     Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

If you are currently smoking, quitting is highly recommended. Cigarettes and tobacco have been found to cause oral cancer.

Excessive drinking can also increase your risk for oral cancer. It is recommended that women do not drink more than one alcoholic beverage a day. Men should have no more than two alcoholic drinks per day.

If you are struggling with quitting smoking or drinking, consult your dental care professional or primary care provider for assistance.

4)     Make Regular Dental Appointments

It is a common myth that one should visit the dentist every six months. The ideal schedule for dental appointments varies from person to person.

As you age, you may benefit from more frequent appointments in which you can receive more professional cleanings, cavity detections, and personalized dental hygiene tips.

5)     Denture Care

Tooth loss is common among those 55 years of age and older. If you have lost teeth already, follow these best practices for taking care of your dentures.

  • Brush your dentures as you would for natural teeth
  • Take breaks from wearing your dentures
  • Remove dentures at bedtime and soak them in water (or a recommended solution) overnight

Dental hygiene tips for all older adults

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By regularly following these five dental hygiene tips, you can enjoy a healthy smile at any age. If you would like more personalized advice on how to protect your pearly whites, request an appointment with an Advantage Care Health Centers’ dental professional today.

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