Fully Vaccinated!

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Fully Vaccinated!

By Michelle Rudoff

On Monday, March 8th I took my first step to getting my life back to normal, by getting my first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Nurse Mary Fullam gave me the shot, with guidance and support from one of everyone’s favorite doctors, Dr. Mary Mulqueen. (Dr. Bates being the other) I can’t say I wasn’t nervous because I was, but with Dr. Mulqueen by my side I knew I was going to be just fine because I know Dr. Mulqueen, and Dr. Bates would not have me get anything that they didn’t feel was safe. The best part of my day that day was seeing Sue Limiti in the Freeport lunchroom who I only have been able to see in a small box on Zoom and web ex and seeing Dr. Mulqueen and getting a picture with her.

On Monday, April 5th I went back to the clinic to get my second of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shot. Mary Fullam administered the vaccine shot which didn’t hurt at all.

I am happy that I am fully vaccinated because that means I am closer to a normal life and can get back to doing the things that I like doing, like bowling and basketball, camp, day hab and working in my office in Plainview.

Dr. Mulqueen and Mary Fullam and all at the Advantage Care clinic are just so amazing and it is just amazingly run.

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