Pediatric Dentistry: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Your child’s smile is precious, but it can be fragile too. Without proper dental care, a young person can develop serious, long-lasting health issues. In honor of February’s National Children’s Dental Health Month, Advantage Care Health Centers is shining a light on pediatric dentistry.

Learn more about why your child should regularly visit a dental professional and the answers to other questions frequently asked by parents.

5 Things every Parent should know about Pediatric Dentistry

1)      Why does my child need to see the dentist?

Regular dental appointments are highly recommended at almost any age, especially during childhood. A healthy mouth helps young people develop into healthy adults.

Even if your child doesn’t have symptoms, a dental professional may be able recognize and prevent dental issues from developing into major problems. For example, tooth decay, the most common chronic condition in children, is almost entirely preventable.

2)      How do I know when I should take my child to the dentist?

Since every child’s teeth are different, frequency of dental visits may vary. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association have developed a set of general recommendations for when children should visit a dentist.

These two organizations suggest that a child should have its first dental exam after their first tooth emerges but before their first birthday. For toddlers, school-age children and adolescents, dental appointments should be scheduled every six months.

If your child has oral health issues or is at a high risk of tooth decay, your dentist may suggest more frequent check-ups.

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3)      What can I expect at a pediatric dental visit?

In many ways, pediatric dentistry is not much different than a regular dental appointment. Your child will receive a detailed check-up, which may include:

  • A mouth examination
  • Professional teeth cleaning
  • Evaluation of the risks of tooth decay
  • X-rays or other diagnostic procedures
  • Cavity repair or other tooth procedures
  • Oral hygiene tips

However, the big difference is the environment. A pediatric dentist will typically have a kid-friendly atmosphere and the equipment used is specifically designed for children.

4)      What should I look for in a pediatric dentist?

Selecting a dentist can be a very personal choice. Both you and your child need to feel comfortable working with your dental professional. You should look for a pediatric dentist who interacts well with young children.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Convenience
  • Availability
  • Experience
  • Professionalism

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5)      What else can I do to help my child maintain a healthy smile?

A sparkling smile is something both you and your child must work at. It starts with healthy habits, such as daily brushing and flossing, but also must include regular visits to a pediatric dentist. These appointments are key to not only keeping teeth healthy, but also catching oral problems, like gum disease, at an early stage.

If you start taking your child to the dentist at a young age, you can help them to develop good oral health habits that can last a lifetime.

Advantage Care Health Centers provides routine and preventive dental care services to children. Our team strives every day to make our patients feel comfortable and safe in our state-of-the-art dental suites. If you would like to find out more about how our pediatric dental services can help your child, request an appointment today.

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