Mind Matters

November 5, 2018
Walk for Autism

Town of Oyster Bay 11th Annual Walk for Autism Highlights

  A Beautiful day and our best turnout ever! A special thanks to all who came out and celebrated the walk with us! Thank you to all of our sponsors who came […]
March 19, 2021
do i have anxiety

Do I Have Anxiety Disorder or Am I Just Worried? Learn How to Tell

We’ve all felt butterflies in the stomach about making a big decision or taking an important test. These everyday worries don’t typically disrupt daily functioning like anxiety disorders do. But it can be difficult to tell when your worrying is a potential mental health concern. If you have ever wondered, “do I have anxiety,” find out how to recognize it and where to go for help if you need it.
Advantage Care’s New Tele-Health Services

Tele-Health services available for all registered patients.

Please call (516) 686-4400 for more information about our tele-health services.

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