Mental Wellness Month: Why Staying Connected Matters

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By nature, human beings are social animals. We live our best lives when we are connected to a strong support network of friends and family. Staying connected helps boost self-confidence, reduce stress levels and provides other health benefits. This January in recognition of Mental Wellness Month, Advantage Care Health Centers has some helpful hints to share that anyone can use to enjoy the benefits of companionship.

The Benefits of Staying Connected

Just about everybody enjoys catching up with friends and family, but did you know that a conversation with a long-lost friend could actually be good for your overall mental health?

During Mental Wellness Month, we are emphasizing how maintaining companionship — especially during a pandemic — will help to create a healthier you.

5 Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Mental Wellness

If you think you could benefit from improved mental wellness, consider adding it to your list of New Year’s resolutions.

January is Mental Wellness Month

Developing a Solid Social Network During Mental Wellness Month

Social connections are much more than a list of friends on Facebook. Active relationships with loved ones, friends and co-workers play a major role in your mental wellness.

Strengthening Personal Relationships

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for friendships to fall apart. To maintain a strong social network, create and follow a basic plan of action.

Start by making a list of people you would like to be in touch with regularly. Then, figure out how often you would like to contact them.

When speaking with your friends and family, practice the principles of good communication, including:

  • Listening Actively
  • Showing Respect
  • Being Supportive
  • Showing Appreciation

If you focus on communicating well during January’s Mental Wellness Month, you will likely develop a stronger social network before winter ends.

Reconnect with a friend during National Wellness Month

Making New Connections

Whether you are feeling isolated during the pandemic or not, everybody could use a new friend or two. The best way to make new connections is to stay active.

3 Ideas for Increasing Your Social Circle

  • Enroll in a Class
  • Join a Book Club
  • Volunteer

Rethinking Unhealthy Relationships

The quality of the relationships in your social circle may also influence your mental wellness. If you are in relationships that make you feel unsafe, lower your self-esteem or encourage bad habits, it might be time to focus on the healthier connections in your life.

Enhancing Your Mental Wellness at Advantage Care

Advantage Care Health Centers takes pride in helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. We provide comprehensive and individualized mental/behavioral health treatment via both in-person and remote tele-health appointments.

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