5 Reasons to Follow a Healthy Lifestyle in 2020

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We all have good intentions to eat well, exercise regularly and generally lead a healthy lifestyle when the New Year begins. But somewhere along the way, many of us go astray. Whether it’s a weakness for cheeseburgers or a reluctance to walk for exercise, unhealthy habits unfortunately often lead to more doctor’s visits. For anyone looking for the motivation to turn over a new leaf, consider these five benefits of a leading a healthy life.

The Benefits of Making New Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Limits Excess Weight Gain

Healthy habits, like eating right and exercising regularly, will help you meet those ever-important weight-loss goals.

Eating a heart healthy diet, which includes lots of fruits and vegetables, will help you to get and stay trim in 2020.

Next, the CDC recommends that every adult receive at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. You can achieve this by performing simple exercises, like going for a walk with a friend a few times a week.

Reduces the Risk of Illness

Healthy habits can help to keep you out of your primary care physician’s office or the emergency room. By choosing to live a healthy lifestyle, your body will build up resistance to be able to better fight off infections.

People who take good care of their bodies are less likely to develop poor health conditions, ranging from high blood pressure to diabetes.

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Improves your Mood

There’s a reason why you’re often at ease after physical activity. The state of your body tends to influence your mental wellness. A workout stimulates brain chemicals, called endorphins, which leave you feeling happier and more relaxed afterwards.

The next time you are feeling blue, call a friend and go for a bike ride. It could truly change your whole day.

Increases Energy Levels

Although you might think that a workout will just make you more tired, aerobic exercise actually has the opposite effect.

A healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise and a balanced diet, can add bounce to your step by improving muscle strength and boosting endurance.

Contributes to a Longer Life

Healthy habits can also provide long-term benefits, like improving longevity. If you eat healthy and follow the CDC’s exercise guidelines, your chances of developing serious cardiovascular conditions is likely to decrease.

Doctor help patient create a healthy lifestyle.

Choose a Healthy Lifestyle for the New Year

Although the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are clear, the hardest part is sticking to your resolutions. If you have any questions about creating health and wellness goals, contact Advantage Care Health Centers today.

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