Celebrities Raise Mental Health Awareness by Sharing Personal Experiences

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For those living with mental health conditions, it is all too easy to feel alone. But, the reality is that there are millions of others in the same boat, including some of your favorite celebrities. From Kendrick Lamar to Chrissy Teigen, stars are stepping up to share their own personal struggles to raise mental health awareness.

5 Celebrities Working to Break the Stigma of Mental Illness

1)      Chris Evans

We all know Chris Evans as the Marvel superhero Captain America. Many would look at him and never assume that he struggles with a mental health condition. While he is less vocal about it, Chris Evans has revealed that living with anxiety and panic attacks almost ended his career. Despite his smile and confident demeanor, he admitted that being on the red carpet made him feel like he was walking on hot coals. Today, he uses meditation to ease his mind before large events.

2)      Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is one of the most outspoken celebrity advocates for mental health awareness. They have publicly battled bulimia, bipolar disorder, and even a drug addiction that nearly killed them twice. In 2017, Demi Lovato produced a documentary titled “Beyond Silence,” which celebrates the strength, dedication, and perseverance of people who break through the silence that is often associated with mental illness.

3)      Kendrick Lamar

We don’t often view rappers as being anything less than bold and fierce. However, even the toughest people can struggle with mental illness. Kendrick Lamar has revealed that he has experienced depression and suicidal thoughts. He spoke his truth on one of his recently released albums, To Pimp a Butterfly. During one interview, he discussed how he has suffered from survivor’s guilt after losing one of his closest friends, which led him to depression.

4)      Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is a funny man on screen who has spent decades making others laugh. It is hard to imagine that someone like him would be struggling inside. But you never know what another person is going through! Jim Carrey has admitted to experiencing depression and taking anti-depressants to help. He now manages his condition through healthy lifestyle choices.

5)      Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is known for never shying away from speaking her mind. After giving birth, she publicly discussed her experience dealing with postpartum depression. Her candidness helped raise mental health awareness and allowed mothers around the globe to feel less embarrassed to seek assistance after childbirth.

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